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Phone: (540)819-3637

Seniors (Ages 13-18)


Pre- teens (Ages 10-12) Starts in August


Juniors (Ages 8-9) 


Minis (Ages 6-7)


Tu Tu's & Sneakers (Ages 3-5) (Potty Trained)


Butterflies/Differing Abilities (Ages 5-18)


Competition Team (Ages 4-18)

Please Note
-Any classes missed due to an emergency, inclement  weather, holiday or vacation will not be "made up" for the month. In addition, no refund/credit will be given. If your dancer misses a month or two of classes or any reason, half of the tuition will still be due to secure the dancers spot in the Company.

-If you (the parent/guardian) decide to remove your child from the company for any reason, it is asked that you inform the director.

-If it is decided later that you (the parent/guardian) would like for your child enrolled back into the company (the parent/guardian) must reapply and pay the registration fee.