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*2023 Pricing*

One time  Registration Fee of $30

Rec Class $50 (a month)

Competition Team $60 (a month)

Adult Class $45 (pay in person)

Butterflies/different abilities Class $30 registration fee and FREE Tuition (Donations are Welcome)

Classes we offer for ages 3-up

Combo classes:

Combo classes give the dancer a little bit of everything. It consist of basic technique jazz, contemporary, lyrical, strength, flexibility, Hip-Hop, Ballet, alignment and will perform in our annual shows. Dancers who compete or will be auditioning for competition team must be enrolled in combo class 

Single Classes:

 Single genre classes focus more specifically on a certain skill to really help the dancer advance or improve in that genre. For dancers not interested in jazz/contemporary and who are not considering auditioning for comp team

We also recommend if combo class is full (on waitlist) while waiting for a slot. The price for single classes are $50 but your child will be able to take two single classes that are available.

First 50 students enrolled and their registration fee and first month tuition fee has been paid. They will receive a free leotard and tights for the first day of class. 

Below is our updated schedule that will begin on January 30th, 2024

If you have any questions about joining please contact us at 540-819-3637 or


Please follow the company policy for dress and shoe requirements. Your child will learn the following for performances and recitals.

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